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martedì 8 ottobre 2013

Totti: "For now there is only the Roma, then we'll see how I am in the spring"

By Slimane  MELAB
I'm pretty sure coach Prandelli has correctly answered a great professional. Fans are enhanced easily to any final action with a goal. No one can deny the great quality of football Francesco Totti have to admit that even though the physical condition of Francesco will always remain the same?? The age matters a lot when you play in a world championship. Should take into account the habit of Totti to Rome, where he is the only leader, military leader and finisher of all time. In short, the whole team plays for him. Besides playing in the national team is very different than it offers his club. For now Totti is a big number but eight months are many, there will be several changes and only time will give him reason. Congratulations to Totti and good continuation! Thank you for all sports.

Francesco Totti.

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