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mercoledì 16 ottobre 2013

Somalia acquires 3G and Algeria is still lagging behind ...

According Algérie Focus,

Somalia is at the forefront of technology as Algeria in 2013. This country of Sub-Saharan Africa that is experiencing much greater that Algeria has managed to acquire the 3G this week while Algeria continues to extend the deadline for the implementation of economic and political problems this new technology.
Despite the civil war that lasted 10 years , its social and political instability and economic difficulties , Somalia has made ​​this week a leap in technology . The telephone operator Hormuud Telecom Somalia which has 4 million subscribers, recently developed for the first 3G for mobile and Internet subscribers . Somalis can therefore browse broadband Internet on their mobile phones. They can download applications on their smartphone, and even watch videos and online TV .

In Africa all countries have not yet reached the technological level of Somalia ... including Algeria, which has continued since last year to postpone the launch of 3G , while it has more financial resources to launch this technology . For now, the Algerian government has promised to install in the first half of 2013 , following the acquisition of the operator Djezzy . Algeria is therefore among the last of the class in which the new technologies of communication. It is the penultimate in the world in terms of quality -speed Internet , and one of the few not to have developed 3G while other countries are already on the path to 4G.

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