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lunedì 7 ottobre 2013

Inter, Moratti: "With Thohir slow ahead.'s Defeat against Roma there is a lesson"

I do not totally agree with those that focus on matches wrong or unlucky, every game has its own story and I hope that just passed has given more tactics and techniques for the team Bored? The problem is not Walter Mazzarri but it is only the lack of engagement with some gaps in the defense. In midfield is lacking truly a leader that will handle all entries of his colleagues in the air attack by distributing playable balls in the conclusions. We should forget the disappointment of S. Siro and think positively about the next game and prepare morally and especially physically. How To Mazzarri will definitely like to get out of this historic defeat in Milan. As to commercial negotiations between Moratti and Thohir, I do not think that affect the defeat? The football field is another. Thanks to all!!!

Il presidente dell'Inter Massimo Moratti. Ansa
Inter president Massimo Moratti retained for the interview by journalists.

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