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giovedì 17 ottobre 2013

Milan, Balotelli rebels on Twitter: "Let me live and you will see the difference

I do not know where to start and where to end so much less ? ? Balotelli ? ? It is believed too ! The press has made ​​so famous all over the world that it instead of taking advantage of this opportunity and start working seriously for his teams , AC Milan and the national team, continues to respond to evil and to silence the fans with the index on the lips aimed at the public . He until now has never been a big scoorer , a leader who direct play , was able to make ends meet to the sound of penalties ... A striker who has the number 9 on his back but has never been top scorer in Italy it , much less in England. At 23 years old , an attacker to breed must have at least scored a nice booty ? Balotelli there is only the show and gossip. What won with Mourinho at Inter was never protagonist, and often he was almost on the bench and as in England , Balotelli took more fines of all the inhabitants of Manchester ( that's a joke ) . Soon Prandelli will notice a phenomenon on paper but it is not in the field. A striker who does not score only if it is almost never the penalty ..... I've never seen Baggio throw the shirt of his team , much less Zola , Vialli , Mancini Van Basten , Gullit , Maradona ..... These were made ​​famous for their work in their respective teams, but Balotelli as his special number ? ? if you are not awake now, it's when ever understand that football is his job and it is the only way out and prove his worth playing and not always grumbling about nothing. I am limited only to professionalism in the field. The Private Life of Balotelli does not form part of the public. Thank you all !
Mario Balotelli, 23 anni. Ansa
Mario Balotelli, a Milan player and the national team.

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