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giovedì 24 ottobre 2013

In Tunisia, the national dialogue stalled, including escalating terrorism

According to the Maghreb emerging
Initially announced for Wednesday, the opening of a national dialogue was again postponed to Friday , after the death of six policemen , Wednesday in clashes near Sidi Bouzid and the speech of Prime Minister Ali larayedh considered " ambiguous " by the opposition which provides a "free " commitment resignation .

This is another setback for the national dialogue. The discussions between the troika and the opposition to bring the country to a deep political crisis , which is expected to begin Wednesday were postponed until Friday at 10:00 in Tunis, announced Wednesday , the Secretary General of the General Tunisian Workers ( UGTT ) , Houcine Abassi . The quartet of mediation ( UGTT , Utica , LTDH Bar Association) and the parties ' will continue their consultations with the President of the Council for further clarification on his speech today (Wednesday ) , " he said .
The quartet and the opposition expects the prime minister Ali larayedh formally announced Wednesday that his government intends to resign within three weeks , as required by the mediators roadmap . But the words of the direction of the Prime Minister were considered ambiguous by the opposition in such a way that the negotiations have not started . The death of six members of the National Guard in the day upset the long-awaited head of government who spoke with five hours of language delay .

Ali larayedh simply repeat the position that has always been his and his party , Ennahda , which the government has accepted the principle of resignation provided that the constitution is finalized and set up election panel . " We give in to anyone. We yield to the greater of the ' nation's interest ," he said Wednesday in a brief media. "Our priority is the safety aspect . We have units in the field, we have martyrs and that's it , my brothers , there is no time for it to succeed and dialogue ," he said without mentioning once the term " resignation " , as he hoped the opposition.

Deterioration of the security situation
On the safety front , six policemen and armed fighters were killed on Wednesday in clashes with a group "terrorist " in the region of Sidi Bouzid ( center - west) , confirmed Ali larayedh , adding that the force Tunisian " chased " other attackers . The funeral of six Tunisian gendarmes killed by an armed group are scheduled for Thursday, but the victims' families refused any government presence at the ceremony, according to a military source . The authorities, who declared three days of national mourning have not announced an official ceremony at the barracks of the Aouina (suburb of Tunis ) , as is usual in these circumstances.

Last week, dozens of police and gendarmes union ousted President Moncef Marzouki and the head of government of Ali larayedh tribute to two policemen killed in another attack in the region of Beja , 70 km from Tunis . They blame the lack of resources for the fight against the armed groups. If the government then announced the death of nine "terrorists" in a military operation , the fighting sparked a revolt among law enforcement. The powerful UGTT trade union call for a general strike to mourn Sidi Bouzid .
The apparent opposition, meanwhile speech larayedh

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