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giovedì 24 ottobre 2013

Sonatrach provides a market of over $ 600 million for the South Korean Daewoo

According Algé ,
A contract of 52.4 billion dinars (about $ 643.7 million ) was signed Wednesday in Algiers , between Sonatrach Association / Eni and South Korean Daewoo group on the implementation of facilities for oil field production CAFC to Berkin ( Ouargla ) .

Under the terms of the contract , the South Korean company will take care of connecting , within 34 months , 36 oil in the oil field located in block 405b Berkin Basin wells.

The CAFC field should produce 32,000 barrels / day to the date of its production in 2016. The work assigned to Daewoo by Sonatrach Association / Eni also include the creation of a network for the collection of crude , a separation unit , and oil desalting, a regenerative gas station and a second station for injecting water .

According to information provided by the CEO of Sonatrach , Abdelhamid Zerguine present at the ceremony of signing the contract, the award was made in " transparency " while ensuring that " we got a relatively low price compared to what has been practiced before . " He described the price of investment is made "very competitive ."

It should be noted , moreover, that the Italian Eni and Sonatrach already developing on the same pool of Berkin another gas field Ledjmet Menzel (MLE ) , which began production in February.

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