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lunedì 14 ottobre 2013

To the CAF (confederation of African Football)

I speak directly to the administration of CAF.
As an African citizen , I think having the right to express myself through my ideas by putting them at the disposal of the community throughout the African continent.
Believe - me, Mr. Chairman that my intentions are scarcely feels balsphèmes or ignoble and my feelings for our continent are none other than , unity, love and peace. My suggestions are innovative that you wear a collective benefit .
I will fight cheerfully to finally get a successful and profitable for all right the people of Africa , I am also glad to see the joy on all future of African faces  . Just little to change and even fewer want to change to improve.
For fifty years, the CAF was led by six presidents so far , and honestly speaking the seat of the presidency of a sports federation should never be confused by king palace ? ? This is not a monarchy, and equal for FIFA and all sports federations worldwide .
After having experienced hallucinatory moments in several competitions at the African Cup , I think it's time to turn a big page and open another brand new and clean in order to access this initiative. Firstly , it will hold a very large meeting of all African heads of state to decide the application of a new method very profitable and beneficial to the whole of Africa , Combine the Presidency the OAU than the FCA in order to give the opportunity to all thanks to the rotation of Africa, to take this opportunity to express and highlight all the cultures of the African continent. Through this process , we will also have the opportunity to enrich us culturally, economically and historically , this will help us to further reduce corruption , extortion and especially the speculation about the underdeveloped nations but increasing the value and respect of the sport Africa by giving more opportunities for young Africans to form thanks to European investors.
Sports revolution must occur in order to open new untapped frontier . I think of the happiness of young Africans who need a good solid foundation to grow peacefully without having to face the same difficulties of their parents  .
The single is the symbol of African continent , country, flag, language, African kitchen etc ... But everyone wants to see their own team win a continental trophy rightly and not through an arbitration or other scandal ...
Wishing a change in organidation in the shortest possible time , I cordially greet all the CAF.
Publicated by Slimane has Melab

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