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lunedì 14 ottobre 2013

Who was Boumediene, the former president of Algeria??

The death of former President Boumediene had really created a great surprise , not only for the people of Algeria , but around the world who asked his devastating loss ? In fact Boumediene was not sick and enjoyed very good health . When the government announced his death , saying he had been ill for a long time and died after 40 days of agony. It was clear that Boumediene was a pain to someone which bore no interest it and especially with its very particular political regime that was often faced with a number of different policies in the Western world . Many politicians around the world feared the young president became a very large character famous in the media environment . The irony is that it was received in a number of socialist countries such as China, the USSR , Cuba , Iran and Pakistan ... He was a true nationalist Algerian citizen and even if I do not agree with his politics , and today most of its typically Marxist idiologies , the former president had felt immediately reached the top of the world and unfortunately he did not take into great consideration the Western political opinion does not see a good eye but the dice already watched his coup Ben Bella in 1965. Boumediene was young in a country still very young and end up lacking a true guide to its wise its outlying borders , Boumediene went on his way by deflecting his political opponents everywhere. He did not trust anyone to take over the Ministry of Defence which he undertook in person for fear of being overthrown in turn . Everything came years after the oil crisis of the 70s. The Non-Aligned Summit in 1973 was a crucial step that served as a springboard . The apotheosis of this diplomatic redeployment was undoubtedly the participation of Boumediene , in April 1974 , the special session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, where he delivered a memorable speech on the New International Economic Order . "" Boumediene knowing that the army, in the aftermath of Independence , would be the only cohesive and homogeneous force , able to impact on the ground , successfully integrating wilayate within the new national People's army. It's not so little to say. It was undoubtedly the founder of the Algerian army in the modern sense of the term. It came perfectly in his future endeavors , replace managers inherited from the War of National Liberation , by officers from either schools Cadet Revolution , or benches of the university since the doors forces their armies had been opened . "
These cadets from that Boumediene had the weekend to Kolea to inquire about the progress of their education. It was given to the author of these lines , teacher as second lieutenant in the national service, to see the President to inquire into the education of several cadets which he was the guardian.
With regard to relations with France , De Gaulle was a visionary. The man of 18 June 1940 had already understood the motives of the man who would become the 19 June 1965 " . " Boumediene had admiration for de Gaulle, this visionary reformer of Arab policy of France . " It has publicly confirmed this judgment in his message of condolence on the death of General in 1970 : " I bow to the great patriot who has been able to devise , in a noble and generous vision (...) , the future the Algerian and french peoples. "
" Boumediene writes Ali Mebroukine - that a more nuanced judgment - has always been respectful of revolutionary legality . We will see that through deep reforms in the field, it was just a social project that H.Boumediène intended to implement . Whatever opinion we have the record of President Boumedienne , it is clear that the recovery of natural resources (1966 and 1971), the agrarian revolution , the democratization of education gave a concrete content to the principles contained in the proclamation of November 1, 1954 , ie H.Boumediène has never ceased to remain faithful to the raison d'être of the people led by the Algerian struggle for freedom from colonial rule and finally attain the dignity and well-being . a year and a half before his death, President H. Boumediene reshuffles government structures , discusses the economic model in force, decides to terminate a policy of Arabization and demagogic outrageous ( designation Mostefa Lacheraf as Minister of basic Education is a prime example ) , introduces a limited edition of minima at the entrance of the university to prevent the homelessness . such measures announced reforms deeper structure that had to be initiated from 1979 President Boumediene was . carrying a transformation project of the Algerian society. in this regard , it is clear that President Boumediene could not climb over the clans and factions who were at work within the state apparatus and that it could not prevent the game centrifugal forces that sought to destabilize , in 1977 , as soon as he had expressed his determination to "clean the Augean stables ." President Boumediene was undeniably a statesman which had failed the most valuable and rare resources that any builder can not pass the time. "
From 1965 to 1978, the date of the death of Boumediene . Algeria has earned in 13 years , the equivalent of $ 22 billion . This helped establish the chemical industry , mechanical industry , a steel industry. 30 years later, we are left with the refining (22.5 million tonnes) and petrochemicals .
 It is therefore inappropriate , objectively , to deny what has been done by the President Boumediene . Naturally like all men , Boumediene had its dark and had made ​​mistakes, they say, in agriculture, the fact remains that his ideas were generous and did not take advantage of his position to enrich themselves. Reasons for giving pride to Algerians . To have maintained the aura of the Algerian revolution against all odds. Merely for doing his duty , he left the story, he became a legend . Algeria has more than ever thirst Algerians of his caliber to restore hope.
Boumediene was undeniable for work to his country , and as Kabyle Berber , I want to remind the world that he had never wanted to even hear about the people that he appeared extremely weird and strange. It was a shame !

Former President Houari Boumediene.

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