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lunedì 28 ottobre 2013

The "combing" the former Inter: "Roma, De Rossi is a real phenomenon. Executive Ronaldo Inter? No, he's a traitor." See all videos

I always think positively and reason about everything. If Ronaldo was not injured seriously Inter, what would win again? ? Three consecutive gold balloons , badges and cup champions avalanche ? ? In short , the phenomenon , in the foreground had come to play for Inter and not fall in love with the team and even if sometimes it happens. I personally believe that Ronaldo will have their reasons for leaving the Nerazzurri to go to Real and others to return to Milan , I do not think that the accusations of traitor are right motivation to be assigned cruelly ? ? He was a professional player and has always left a void behind him wherever he went sad to play, say his name is like a deep wound painful engraved in letters of gold in the hearts of all his fans . It was a phenomenal striker and memorable forever . Ronaldo has a great name that still weighs today and would be ideal as a technical manager at Inter, has talent, charisma and great personality better? ? I do not see around. Who would not listen to Ronaldo ? ? I ? ? I would take it immediately, even if this is up to the owners of Inter. Welcome back RONALDO ! !

Ronaldo at the time of the Inter.

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