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giovedì 31 ottobre 2013

There were several opportunities to assert Amazighia though???

After the death of Boumediene to power there were several members of Berber origins as President Chadli Bendjedid , Liamine Zeroual , the former head of government, Ali Benflis are natives of Batna (region chaui , este Algeria ) , the current Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal and his predecessor Ahmed Ouyahia , are the origins of Kabylia ( Algeria Este , Berbera region ) . Gods as General Mohamed Toufik Medians said , head , intelligence service , is from the small Kabylia ( Berber region of ' este of Algeria ) . Gaid Salah , deputy defense minister and chief of staff , also Khaled Nezzar , the former head of the army was a native of Batna ? It ' really strange and it is a paradox that all these Berbers who commanded the country were and are still of Berber origins ? ? There was not even a single man who could assert itself with its own identity rather than Amazigh and Arab ? The opportunities pass once in a lifetime .
In fact, the Berbers have been a policy of exclusion by the central government in Algiers , during the years 60-70 , it was forbidden to call themselves Amazigh activists and some of this cause, " Amazigh " , such as Idir , a singer Berber ( Kabyle ) , Ferhat Mehenni , too, is a singer , Slimane Azem , was a singer exiled to France in the 60s , Mouloud Mammeri , writer Berber, were all persecuted or contrasts to exile or in prison . There were uscitri after uncovered many from Morocco to Egypt as Fatima Tabaanrant , popular singer , Saghrù Band, Berber singer and icon of the youth of Morocco , Mohamed Chafik , the old rector of the Royal Institute of Amazigh culture , the latter is regarded as the dean of the Amazigh movement in Morocco, Matoub Lounes , singer, amazzato government forces in 1998 , Jean Amrouche , writer and journalist ( 1906-1962 ) , Dania Ben Sassi , singer belonging to the Serbian - Libyan Amazigh diaspora , from 2011 , if it is made ​​known in Libya through its revolutionary songs . There are still many people who have never made ​​public their identities. In short, dall'indomani independence in 1962, the one-party FLN , full of taboos , had the upper hand over the people and especially marginalizing the Algerian Berber region of Kabylia , and depriving it of almost all its rights . Indeed, the Berbers , in a certain period were considered almost strangers in their own land and so true lasted until the spring of Berbera in April 1980. when the authorities Arab Algerians decided to recognize the Amazigh culture alongside the Arab and the Muslim religion.
The paradox is that many of the personalities of the state were or still are still of Berber origins ? ?
In every race there is a right and the opposite, and for now we are content to those who are and will always be for the cause Amazigh and  struggling to get up
 to the final victory and put a lid on this cause that has lasted for almost 14 centuries .
Afellay with the Amazigh flag.

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