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martedì 18 febbraio 2014

Algeria / Samsung: a contract for $ 800 Million

Samsung Engineering Group of South Korea announced today that it has ripped a contract worth $ 800 million for the construction of gas processing unit in southern Algeria , according to the news agency APS .
Samsung Engineering has signed the contract on Sunday in Algiers with the group Timimoun , including the Algerian oil company Sonatrach , Total French and Spanish Cepsa , responsible for the development of the gas field Timimoun (800 kilometers south of Algiers) , said the source.
The contract involves the construction of turnkey units for the collection and processing of natural gas in Timimoun field and a 180 km pipeline to link the fields of Hassi R'Mel Timimoun , the largest gas field in the country.
Everything has to be built by 2017 , said that the South Korean company said in a statement quoted by APS .

Total- Sonatrach- Cepsa consortium will invest $ 1.5 billion to operate eight gas fields in Algeria, south -west of the city of Adrar Timimoun , according to the National Agency for the Development of Hydrocarbon Resources ( ALNAFT ) .
The field is expected to produce 5 million Timimoun M3 gas and condensate per day on a plateau period of 8 years. E ' 51% owned by Sonatrach , A37 , 75% by Total and Cepsa by 11.25% .
A commercialization agreement entrusts the Algerian group has produced the sale of all of the gas .
Algérie/Samsung: un contrat de 800M$

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