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mercoledì 12 febbraio 2014

The man symbol of Italian football, Mario Balotelli!

Speaking from football , I think that Balotelli has been valued much more than it has made ​​in the field and part of some master stroke which I believe they did in so many even if someone has never and will never be recognized . A striker like him who until now was limited to taking penalties and free kicks . It has no dribling out of the ordinary and no speed , the opposing defense almost always surpass him and every time we can touch the ball fell into continuations with complaints against their opponents or the referee.
I honestly do not understand the reasons why the press continues to advertise the vicissitude of Mario Balotelli that have no value and will certainly result in the blues world , 2014, in Brazil.
The human side must use it with the right people and in the right places and how Balotelli is not a poor man who comes from Africa in search of work or accommodation . He is really lucky in relation to many other unfortunate adventurers and landing on Italian shores . He has everything he wants , and there should be no more excuses on his " failings " failure in the field. Mario will have to prove to win something of its staff and less for its prestige . Not even the top scorer so far failed to pass the threshold of 14 goals this season and has never been able to make a difference in how the various field Gullit, Van Basten , Virdis , Baggio, Weah , Eto'o etc. .... All in all, so if it continues with this pace, the Italian will notice the fake sample of deception that until now has never been a leader or a driver that is in England or Italy .
El Shaarawi last year did not even pull 16 goals without a penalty , but his misfortune was sidelined by Allegri to give space to Balotelli, this phenomenon showman gossip that there was no later managed to combine anything and no miracle and indeed he had scored 11 goals in 5 of penalties here as this year.
You have all seen a true champion like Tevez ? ? He played everywhere and has proven to be the height of his fame. During his first year in Italy and is down to 13 networks with a single penalty kick , and also the same for Higuain who is doing well in Naples .
Fans expect something phenomenal all of this Balotelli , though that does not come. People are not interested in sports news on the private life of Balotelli makes no sense to continue to dedicate full pages in newspapers sports talk always of his personal life. It is better to leave it alone for a while? ?
Wishing you all the best in Mario Balotelli to respond positively and to demonstrate its real value .
Mario Balotelli

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