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martedì 18 febbraio 2014

Ranking armed the world: Algeria moves to the 31st place with Tiguentourine

"Global Fire Power " American site , reported that Algeria has increased by 7 rows in the ranking list of the most powerful armies in the world , because this year it is the 31th position among 106 countries when she was ranked 38th rank last year .
Note that due to the operation Tiguentourine conducted with an incredible know-how, by the Algerian army in early January 2013 that Algeria to access advanced ranks , to be in tune with the strongest armies in the world .

Before yesterday, the site had published a new ranking list of armies in the world for 2014 , including the U.S. Army occupied the first place so keep the head of the podium, while Russia arrives second , China third, India in fourth , England fifth, the sixth place in France , Germany in seventh place , Turkey in eighth place , Korea South in ninth place , and Japan in tenth place , while Israel was ranked in eleventh place and Egypt in 13th place , while seven countries have retained the same ranking as in 2013, s ' These are the United States , Russia , China , India, England, France and Germany.

Regarding the Arab countries , Egypt was in 14th place , occupies the 13th place in 2014 , and Saudi Arabia has moved from 37th to 25th place , and Syria from the 39th place to 26th place , and Algeria from the 38th up to 37th place , Yemen fell from 45th place to the 43th place as in Morocco, he was ranked in 65th place . This ranking was established based on several key criteria, namely human potential , land forces , air forces, navies , oil reserves , geographical position etc. .
Classement des armees du monde : l’Algérie se place à la 31ème place grâce à Tiguentourine

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