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giovedì 6 febbraio 2014

Tunisia, the alleged murderess Chokri Belaid deleted!

According Algérie ,
Tunisian security services have made last Tuesday , a feat of arms.
They managed to get out of danger during an anti-terrorism Raoud at the beach on the outskirts of Tunis , the alleged murder of the opponent Chokri Belaid . This is Gadhgadhi Kamel , a leader of Ansar al- Sharia , a terrorist group affiliated with al Qaeda.
The attack, which was carried out a year ago to the day, he shook Tunisia and has plunged the country into a political crisis. " Gadhgadhi , who was wanted for the murder of Mohamed Chokri Belaid and Brahmi , two fierce critics of the party Ennahdha , and seven soldiers , some of whom have been killed in Mount Chaâmbi of July, is among the dead. Survey and analysis has revealed his identity, " said Minister of the Interior, Lotfi Ben Djeddou at a press conference .
This is the greatest gift we can give to Tunisia a year after the murder of Belaid , "he said. Specialised units of the National Guard , which conducted an operation that lasted nearly 20 hours, they were able to eliminate the other seven members of Ansar al- Sharia " heavily armed " and enter the "three Kalashnikovs , bombs , explosive belts , ammunition and 600 kg of TNT explosive ."
This action is presented as a series of events are planned to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Chokri Belaid . Including a candlelight vigil on the Avenue Habib Bourguiba , a press conference to unveil the latest developments in the investigation, followed by a march and a rally at the cemetery Saturday to echo El Jallez February 8, 2013 , the day of his funeral .
And, between the two "moments" , the official celebration of the adoption scheduled for 26 January, the new Constitution , after several months of difficult negotiations. Several foreign leaders, including Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal representative of President Bouteflika , are expected to attend the ceremony. The families of the two critical Ennahdha cry foul .
For them , announcing the death of Kamel Gadhgadhi , the Ministry of the Interior and Ennahdha seeking one thing: to close the file of political assassinations in Tunisia summing the only person who manages it. According Adnène Brahmi Brahmi son of the deceased, " Gadhgadhi is just a tool . " "The priority , he said, is to find out the real sponsors of the two murders and discover the truth about the two cases. " Hamma Hammami , spokesman for the Popular Front , ensures At Jabha continue to organize weekly demonstrations in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior to ask the authorities to disclose the names of the people involved in the murder of Chokri Belaid .
Ben defends Djeddou . "The terrorists were called through loudspeakers to go, we wanted to avoid killing them , but they are stubborn, " he said. According Aroui Mohamed Ali , a spokesman for the ministry, " some have tried to make suicide operations by activating the explosive belts approaching security units . "
To prove that the Tunisian security services provide wheat , Ben Jeddou gives some figures . " 1343 accused of the crime of terrorism were prosecuted in 2013 ," he said before giving the number of people arrested for their involvement in sending young Tunisians networks in Syria : 293 . " More than 8,000 boys and girls have been subjected to a travel ban, at the request of their families," he said.
Chokri Belaid.

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