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mercoledì 5 febbraio 2014

Justice declared "illegal" strikes in the education sector!!!

Accordimg Algérie,
The Algiers tribunal said Monday "illegal" the strike observed in some educational institutions , said a statement from the Ministry of Education.
Taking into account the interest of the student and the right to education and education guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic, the case was brought before the Administrative Court of Algiers who said "illegal" the strike , the statement said.

The decision of the court on Monday declared "illegal" strike announced by the National Union of Education personnel and training ( UNPEF ), " under the notice No. 05 /2014 of 01/12/2014 laying strike a renewable as of 26/1/2014 " week.

Autonomous National Council of Teachers of secondary and technical education ( CNAPEST ) is also affected by this decision declaring "illegal '' strike announced pursuant to the communiqué No. 02 /2014 concerning a renewable day strike by the organization not approved , and , as of 02/04/2014 .

The ministry said it had " waited enough " before resorting to the court , hoping for a reaction footprint "conspiracy " on the part of some unions that are still determined to continue the strike.

The SNAPEST had begun last week an indefinite strike in parallel with that triggered Sunday by the National Union of staff education and training ( UNPEF ) for the revision of the special status including its section on promotions and updating in the South and Central Highlands .

The National Coordinator of the National Autonomous Union of teachers in secondary and technical education ( SNAPEST ) Meriane Meziane , proposed Monday in Algiers , the creation of a "social and Advisory Board" as representing education unions negotiating and mediating with guardianship to address issues of socio-professional sector order
La justice déclare « illégale » la grève dans le secteur de l’éducation

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