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venerdì 14 febbraio 2014

Algiers center Contempt SONELGAZ to its users

Further evidence of the poor quality of public service provided by Sonelgaz . The inhabitants of number 6 is located in Via Yacoub Said, Algiers Centre , suffer hardship due to work everyday at random from agents Sonelgaz . In fact , it has been nearly a week that the officers Sonelgaz cut off electricity without taking the precaution to avoid that the first users of the building.
It ' true that the electrical systems of the building from the colonial era were in poor condition and threatened to trigger dangerous fires . And ' therefore with pleasure that the inhabitants agents welcome Sonelgaz to remedy this problem. Unfortunately, we see the deplorable conditions in which interventions are made Sonegalz . In fact, two young officers and non- cable management pass on the 7 floors of the building . For this reason, they do not hesitate to cut power without notice to users , individuals and / or companies need to stop living and working for several hours.
Without prior notice to users , the electricity is cut off, while some had started their laundry , others are communicating with your landline phone to take orders or news of their loved ones , others see their meat in the freezer now expire and the elderly are forced to climb up 6 flights of stairs failing to take the elevator .
Faced with this situation, people have not hesitated to express their anger . But none of the officials Sonelgaz deigned to provide an explanation. Altercations have therefore broken. "I decided to go see agents . When I asked them why they do not appear at the entrance of the times of construction in which they are able to cut the power? I respond with contempt and ask me to go and complain Sonelgaz " complains a resident disgusted by the reaction of the intervention of the teams public company .
In front of the dishonesty of these servants supposed to serve their fellow citizens and responding to their concerns , we really wonder how Sonelgaz trains its agents before sending them to the ground, giving them the well-being of citizens. Ciotyens of this request, the final , only to be treated with respect by the display , " one weeks rather at the entrance of the building, a notice explaining the nature of the work , the drawback of local and hours of power outages ," say the residents of this building no longer bear to be taken hostage by the agents of a society dedicated to public service .
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