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giovedì 20 febbraio 2014

The story of the Queen of Sheba according to the Bible and other evidence of Worship!!

The story of the Queen of Sheba according to the Bible and other evidence of worship,
According to the Bible , the unnamed queen of the land of Sheba heard of the great wisdom of the king of Israel, Solomon , and put on his journey to earth, bringing with them gifts such as spices , gold and precious stones . The queen was struck by the wisdom and wealth of Solomon and spoke a prayer to the God of Solomon , who returned with many gifts and " everything he wanted " until the queen is not returned in his kingdom. The queen gave 4.5 tons of gold to the king of Israel .
Sheba reappears in Matthew 12:42 ET Luke 11:31 , Jesus said that she and the people of Nineveh , the Day of Judgment will arise to condemn the Jews who rejected it , " because she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon "
In the Song of Songs are a few references that have been interpreted as evidence of love between Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. In fact, in 1.5 the girl said : "I am black but beautiful " . [Evidence ?]
Hebrew legends back
The Jewish historian Josephus emphasizes his love for learning. Gives the name of Nikaule , assuming that there is a link with the Queen Nitocridescritta by Herodotus.
Other Jewish legends claim that the gift you promised Solomon ( what you want ) is actually a love story , and great efforts were made by the study of puzzles that the queen to the king proposes to test his wisdom.
The Qur'anic story
Even the Quran mentions the name of the Queen of Sheba, despite some Arab sources call Bilqis . The story is similar to that of the Bible. Change the starting point is that Solomon was aware of the kingdom of Saba because his people worshiped the Sun After threatening war, the king of Israel receives the Queen of Sheba in adoption of the Jewish religion.
Islamic legends report that her husband was Bilqis Yasser Yan'am and she was the sister of Shams , the Sun Their father was al- Hadhad , who had saved his mother, a " jinn ," a demon.
Recently, some Arab scholars have speculated that Saba is not in Yemen , according to some sources , but in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, in a commercial colony founded by the Arab kingdoms of the south. Archaeological excavations have confirmed the existence of these colonies , which had the same characteristics as the motherland, but it was not discovered something about Bilqis .
Ethiopian history , the Kebra Nagast book
According to the testimony of this ancient sacred document , the Ethiopian imperial family directly descended romantic encounter between King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, called Macheda according to African tradition. The book of Kings Ethiopian epic , the Kebra Nagast , contains the history of Macheda and his descendants tells how Solomon met the Queen ( an event documented in the Bible, 1 Kings 10, 2 Chr 9) and had a son by she , the eldest, crowned with the title of King Menelik I, the first Emperor of Ethiopia. The testimony of Kebra Nagast shows how Menelik stole the Ark of the Covenant from Jerusalem to Ethiopia, where it is probably now .
It has been proven that the ancient Ethiopian communities were formed by a Semitic population , migrated across the Red Sea to southern Arabia , mescolatesi with locals do not Semites . In addition, the former Ethiopian kingdom of Aksum ruled also part of southern Arabia that included Yemen until the advent of Islam in the seventh century. In addition, the Amharic and Tigrinya , the two main languages ​​of Ethiopia are Semitic languages ​​.
As evidence of the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia are also numerous archaeological finds and inscriptions in ancient alphabet of the Arabian Peninsula south.
Persistence in the Middle Ages
Giovanni Boccaccio in his De Claris mulieribus and writer Christine de Pisan , in the work The Book of the City in 1404 , continuing the tradition started by Josephus , giving the name of the Queen Nicaula . Sheba appears frequently in the medieval tradition cards Majorca, or more generally Iberian .
Archaeological discoveries
On 9 May 2008 , the University of Hamburg issued a statement that the German team, led by archaeologist Helmut Zeigert , he would have discovered the remains of the palace of the legendary " Queen of Sheba "
The ruins found at Dungur (Ethiopia) and under the ruins of the palace of a Christian king , were those of a palace dating around the tenth century BC
The views from academia , however contradictory.
In particular, Prof. Dr. Siegbert Uhlig , Head of Unit of Ethiopian Studies Research , said: " Ziegert did not discuss his case with any colleague who had worked in the field of Ethiopian Studies or in the African archeology Zeigert . 's not a member of the research Unit . limbs and head of the research unit of the University of Hamburg University Ethiopians consider identification issued not scientifically proven "
According to Ricardo Eichmann , head of the Department of the East German Archaeological Institute in Berlin, active in historical research from reliable sources on the Queen of Sheba , to date there is no evidence of its actual existence .

Salomon and the Queen Sheba

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