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venerdì 28 febbraio 2014

Saturday 1st March 2014, a day of struggle of migrants in Italy and in Europe

Saturday 1st March 2014 , a day of struggle of migrants in Italy and in Europe.
Presidio - Demonstration at 15 Piazza Loggia in Brescia .
According to the Association in Brescia Rights for All :
"We have already paid thousands of Euro , now leave immediately for all applicants of SANATORIA .
The police station is taking residence permits to those who have their jobs because of the crisis.
It ' an injustice , permits must be renewed . No link between the permit and the work contract. Repeal the Bossi-Fini law .
The house is a law, no evictions, no foreclosures , no homeless person and no person without a home .
The right of residence is required to look for work and access to social services; residence immediately to the homeless ! Prefecture and municipality of Brescia , just discrimination !
Freedom to move throughout europe and stay for migrants, refugees or refugees. Repeal Regulation Dublin !
Just blackmail and ' EXPLOITATION IN THE WORK, solidarity with the workers of the logistics in the fight !
 No to detention of persons without a residence permit ; ICIE CLOSE !
Against the crisis and austerity , home , income , welfare, permit , residence for ALL . NO DISCRIMINATION AND NO TO RACISM !
- In a country of great civilizations such as Italy , of great human history and of valiant Roman glories , daGiulio Caesar up to the famous discoverer of the Americas, Columbus and Vespucci, promoter and architect of the plane, Leonardo Da Vinci, the creator of the telegraph, Guglielmo Marconi, phone Meucci , inventor that passes to the discovery of slow neutrons and nuclear fission - the autumn and Rasetti del1934 Fermi , the Nobel Prizes for Medicine , Rita Levi Montalcini , for Literature , Dario Fò . Oscar .. film , Roberto Benigni, of great actors such as Alberto Sordi, Giuliano Gemma , Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale , Marcello Mastroiani ... Great music , Mina, Lucio Battisti, AdrianoCelentano which is also great actor, Dalla De Gregori Venditti .... the fashion , Armani , Dolce and Gabbana, Sergio Tacchini , Gucci ..... football , conquerors of 4 world cups and one of europe ..... in short, a country of all the respect that is reduced so bad economically that has completely transformed and was reduced to invent laws outside the law, which they use to make the most of the stay of foreigners in Italy , using any criteria to be able to take full advantage of this poor desperate people without social support and without government subsidy that is right for all residents in Italy .
Nowadays , I noticed that the majority of Italians , it has never been made aware of many scams suffered by foreign social lavorativio in various fields , such as refugees or displaced persons, who are in a state obligation to pay for their stay in Italy , despite a fee are hosted by some associations . Many aid come from the European community, which distributes funds many cheap through these so - called associations that finally never make the service effective on duty , they hide behind different names of relief to be able to act freely and without being controlled by government authority and authorities. At the bottom there is no association repayable in Italy , except for some home caritas granting to all guests ten days for a fee of € 1.50 gg.In other European countries , there are emergency homes all immigrants with or without a residence permit , in sum repayable , supported by the state.
The Italian government financially supports various associations that do nothing to raise the money even by the faithful Catholics who still believe their private iniziativi .
You have to revise several articles and repeal these laws and sfruttativi schiavisti.In a civilized country there should be serious and irrevocable law of security for the citizen who resides there and start to check and inspect the factories, schools, hospitals, where foreign are not always protected and respected. I would ask the new government to revolutionize the whole system viable Italian in order to clean generally all human categories of dirt and laws of slavery
With regard to the presence of foreigners in Italy , it is a normal fact , every one has its own history and its path different from the other . Immigration is very common in Italy , given how many Italian emigrants abroad and is not now , and if I'm not mistaken this peninsula began to emigrate from the beginning of 1800. E ' enough to have a clear conscience and wisdom to tell their children not to hide the negatives . The history exists throughout the world .

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