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martedì 18 febbraio 2014

The highway of the highlands will cost nine billion dollars for a plot of 1000 km

The Minister of Public Works, Farouk spectacles announced Monday that the construction work of the Highlands highway starting around April of this year, at a cost of 700 billion dinars ( $ 9,000,000,000 ) for a plot of 1,000 km.
The Minister of Public Works, Highway Highlands project , will be carried out by the Algerian society and the use of foreigners will be "very limited " . " Priority will be given to local businesses ," he said on Monday broadcast on national radio . The project has been divided into 10 lots and will be granted to groups of Algerian companies that support the know-how and proven experience , "said the minister.

The latter said that the implementation of each of the 10 lots will require a period of 36 months. " If the companies that reach groups begin their work at the same time , the junction between the 10 lots will be after less than three years ," said he added.
An optimistic forecast Farouk spectacles for a project of this magnitude, knowing that the Algerian companies struggle to build smaller facilities within a reasonable time , not to mention the quality of work are often unsatisfactory .

Degraded sections were made by the Algerian
An example of this is given by the poor quality degraded sections of the East-West Highway, including Lakhdaria and Bouira , which raised a lot of criticism . According to Farouk spectacles , these sections were made outside of the project East - West Highway "by Algerian and Italian in the early 2000s . " The minister added that the project of the East - West Highway was valued at $ 11 billion and that " fixed costs in contracts with Chinese and Japanese consortia have been met and no longer in dollars has been spent ."

Penetrating to open the doors
Among the key projects for the next five-year plan , Farouk spectacles announced that 90 % of the projects that penetrate connection wilaya of Tizi Ouzou - s, Jijel , Bejaia , Oran and Mascara at the East-West were launched . These projects were classified as urgent by the government , because they can open the doors and streamline the traffic between different parts of the country.

Over the past decade , the public works sector has invested 5 trillion to almost $ 70 billion DA , "which led to the creation of more than 2 million jobs ," said the minister.
L’autoroute des Hauts Plateaux coûtera 9 milliards de dollars pour un tracé de 1000 km

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