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sabato 22 febbraio 2014

Microsoft partnership between Algeria and WAVE "Software piracy in Algeria is among the highest in the world!

According Algérie,
At a time when piracy is encrusted comfortably in Algeria, a memorandum was signed by Sami El Hocine Bencheikh DG WAVE and Mr. Abdessalam Nait - Mourad , CEO of Microsoft Algeria this February 18, 2014 , for lute against the violation of the Computer .
In a statement collaboration between Microsoft and Microsoft WAVE will occur in three main areas : information and piracy prevention awareness and conversion. Both partners will therefore be to aim and to ensure that the fight against piracy and protect intellectual property .

On the occasion , Sami El Hocine Bencheikh ONDA explained the strategy to combat all forms of violation of the rights of the creators of the works and their auxiliaries : "This action plan is based on two components: first awareness of the mouths of the Parent Company civil , including young people, and then , most importantly, the suppression of all crimes committed in the area of ​​copyright infringement. "

As the CEO of Microsoft Algeria , Mourad Nait - Abdessalam , he focused on the piracy rate in Algeria and the urgency of the struggle, "the rate of software piracy in Algeria is among the highest in the world and the night very seriously our economy and the image of our country, while serving the interests of some forgers and a system of parallel smuggling settled in Algeria , this protocol allows us to hope that there are the beginnings dune commendable for a program of industrial perspective regularization process , which promote Limpact emerge dune Algerian viable industry in this area.
Partenariat entre Microsoft-Algérie et l’ONDA « Le piratage de logiciel en Algérie compte parmi les plus élevés dans le monde »

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