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domenica 16 febbraio 2014

Revelations overwhelming for Paolo Scaroni and Chakib Khelil

According Algérie ,
The former minister did not want to meet in Algiers due to be monitored by DRS
This is an article for the prosecution against the CEO of the Italian group ENI , Paolo Scaroni , the newspaper published by The Daily Algerian journalist Gianni Barbacetto with " references " very strong, especially in a duo - Farid Bedjaoui Chakib Khelil .
The tone of the article is happy with a mocking reminder that the load CEO of Eni, Paolo Scaroni in which post is about to be renewed, "is more important than a ministry." This location at the crossroads of foreign policy, economics and finance.
And remember that the journalist Paolo Scaroni, Eni chief for nine years and one of the most powerful men in Italy and " guarantor of delicate balances with a network of good relations left and right. " Paolo Scaroni was arrested in 1992 as part of the " clean hands" ( clean Hands ) , while leading the Techint , for having paid bribes , kickbacks to political parties for contracts with Enel .
Ironically, the Financial Times notes , appointed in 2002 by the head of Enel Berlsuconi . He explained the arrest by saying that British newspaper in a country " where companies and the government were so closely intertwined , in which the institutions are controlled by politicians , it was possible to do otherwise ? The answer is simple : no, it was not possible " . And the reporter to ask, to treason , although " does not apply to the case of Algeria ? " .
He recalled the facts of the case revealed after the raid on the offices of Eni and Saipem , as well as in the house of Paolo Scaroni in Milan with the discovery of the existence of bribes , kickbacks paid € 198 million , " Algerian Energy Minister Chakib Khelil , and his entourage of eight oil and gas contracts worth a total of € 11 billion . "
Fees paid by Saipem , the company Pearle Partners, based in Hong Kong , led by Farid Bedjaoui Dapper , now a " fugitive " . Before the scandal , Farid Bedjaoui was part of the " Court of Miracles " , he is "the man of the Minister Khelil , " " intermediary between the Algerians and the leaders of Saipem . " But in these cases , the reporter noted , it often happens that the pot of wine poured abroad in Italy back in the form of "thank you" for executives who have signed the agreement.
So far, the investigation has identified "kickbacks " of € 10 million , of which 5:29 in the accounts of Peter Varone, former director of the Division of Engineering and Construction Saipem and 5.17 million in the accounts of former CEO of Saipem in Algeria, Tullio bears . The reporter noted that the defense system is that Paolo Scaroni, Eni Saipem is completely independent . But surveys with leaders Saipem said the opposite ? Scaroni has participated in a meeting in Paris with Khelil and Bedjaoui says Tullio Bears , while Peter Varone is adamant : " Scaroni knew everything. " Peter Varone , there are situations in which " must pay " for doing business and " Algeria is a of those situations . "
He met with Farid Bedjaoui in 2005 at the Hotel George V and another the following year when Chakib Khelil told them that " Farid Bedjaoui was a person who had his confidence. " This unlocks the situation , Italians are told that can do business in Algeria. " Bedjaoui is clear. He tells us that it can be done , but we need to determine clearly the costs . We will pay commissions. " Chief Saipem , Franco Tali , agrees .
Khelil Scaroni met in Paris and participated in another meeting with Bedjaoui , the Bulgari Hotel in Milan. In the story, we learn that even Chakib Khelil Scaroni met in Vienna. The Algerian minister , says , "do not want to give appointments to its international partners in Algeria, where his movements were controlled by the secret service of his country. "
For confidential communications , have been used cell phones distributed in Dubai. The article is based largely on the statements of Peter Varone who claims to be a "scapegoat" and totally dependent Paolo Scaroni . For Khelil Algerian and Bedjaoui , the case is heard in this article. They received commissions ... and they paid bribes to say "thank you"
Des révélations accablent paolo scaroni et Chakib Khelil

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