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venerdì 14 febbraio 2014

Soccer supporters in Brazil: Registration closed!!!

The 'recording operation of the Algerian fans wishing to travel to Brazil to support the national football team in the world 2014 (June 12-July 13), was "closed at noon on Thursday," said CEO at APS Touring Travel Algeria (VAT excluded) Tahar Sahri.
"Some of our agencies had asked for a little mid-week 'time to allow fans Verdi complete their files, which has been done. We have closed the registration Thursday at noon after total flux space available," said Sahri.

The VAT on sale since last Thursday, 2000 sets various formulas to go to the land of Samba.

Algerian fans had to choose between three options, and prices vary depending on the category selected hotel and transport (bus or plane) to move to the city, where teammates Sofiane Feghouli play their games.

The first formula (1,250 seats) to three stars and whose total cost is 350,000 dinars. The second (600 seats), the price is 450,000 dinars is reserved for those who wish to be housed in a 4-star hotel, while the third (150 seats) covers the 5-star hotel for $ 750,000 DA.

"We now come to another step: prepare the trip to Brazil to offer our fans the best possible conditions. Brazil is not near. It is a long journey that requires great efforts to succeed in this mission," said the head Trips Touring Algeria.

This will be the second largest organized movement of supporters of the Greens, after November 2009, when 10,000 fans joined the city of Omdurman in Khartoum (Sudan) to lend a hand to teammates Antar Yahia during the match against the 'Egypt (1-0) marked by a characterization of the Algerian team of Mondia - 2010 in South Africa.

Paid in Group H, the Algerian team, qualified World 2014 for the second time in a row and the fourth in its history, the competition will start on June 17 against Belgium at the stadium in Belo Horizonte, before crossing swords with Korea South on 22 June in Porto Alegre, and Russia, on June 26 in Curitiba.
Déplacement des supporteurs au Brésil : les inscriptions clôturées

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