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domenica 23 febbraio 2014

Tizi Ouzou, 7 years in prison for two forgers!

According Algérie,
Two counterfeiters were convicted Thursday by the criminal court at the court of Tizi Ouzou and sentenced to 7 years in prison each and a fine of 500,000 dinars.
The first accused is arrested in a clandestine bar 29 June, 2013 forger then he went into a bar located Attouche in the town of Makouda with his accomplice.
The dealer had paid its consumption with fake tickets. Servers that have realized the ride latter have reported to the police who arrested while his accomplice had fled.
The respondents were tried under charges of conspiracy and uttering counterfeit banknotes .
The total amount What could muster the two traffickers is 200 000 DA , according to the judgment of dismissal. A sum they could reach by collaborating with another counterfeiter installed Barika in Batna , which in 2500 paid real money against DA DA 10000 falsified .
A third element has been implicated in this case; accomplice tried , prosecuted for falsification of banknotes and possession of prohibited knives , he was sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment.
Tizi Ouzou, 7 ans de prison ferme pour deux faux-monnayeurs

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