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domenica 16 febbraio 2014

He insulted, beaten and dragged to the ground a journalist, a "courageous" gendarmerie commander

According Algeria ,
Our reporter Ikram Ghioua was hit , dragged across the ground and insulted by a commander of the National Gendarmerie. Journalists are subject to periodic attacks by security forces . Dignity of our citizens are trampled by the very people whose main mission is to ensure the protection yet .
A gendarmerie commander , an elite corps , had a deplorable conduct vis-à -vis our colleague Ikram Ghioua , our bureau chief Constantine , commissioned by the newspaper to ensure coverage of the progress of relief and the evacuation of victims of the crash of a military aircraft.
The commander of Darak , whose reputation thug , it is the word , is no longer to be in the region of Ain M'lila , after this serious incident poses the question , the real : how the general command the Darak can he afford to keep its ranks a senior officer whose sole act of bravery to face his entire career is limited to " beat " a renowned journalist for his conduct and competence? The captain had an obnoxious behavior . Unworthy of a man responsible for the foul language publicly launched a sister whose honorable family is well known throughout eastern Algeria .
Following a mid- magistrates, Ikram Ghioua also included in the ranks of the police a brother with the rank of commander !
How General Bousteila can tolerate such a serious violation of the honor , first, a whole family , and then against a woman , representing the national press ?
So when we accept that people from the worst breed that is just dirty, soiling the honor and reputation of an elite corps like the National Gendarmerie ? Time has taught us that it is of such tyrants , head of our institutions, which eventually swallow Algeria to the rank of a banana republic and are often the cause , riots or clashes in our towns and villages. Hitting , insulting and walk on the body of a woman on the ground beyond belief when these misdeeds committed by a commander of the gendarmerie !
The daily L'Expression, based on witness statements and medical certificates faith , decided to complain to the courts. As it was also decided to refer the relevant authorities , namely the President of the Republic , the Vice- Minister of National Defence and Minister of Communication address this unacceptable behavior of a superior officer Darak , whose body citizens have shown , historically, in respect of their gratitude for the noble mission that has continued to perform in this country.
Ikram Ghioua underwent initial medical care and bleeding from the beatings she received in the stomach , according to our latest information , leave happily predict no fear .

Ikram Ghioua

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