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giovedì 6 febbraio 2014

The U.S. Ambassador: "Algeria has emerged as leader '

According Algérie ,
"The United States fully supports efforts to implement the Memorandum of Algiers" , said yesterday the U.S. ambassador in Algiers , Henry S. Ensher , in a speech at the opening of the workshop on the implementation of the Memorandum of Algiers the Global Forum against terrorism on good practices in the prevention of kidnapping against ransom by terrorists and the elimination of resulting benefits .
"Today, all of us here, my government, the Security Council of the UN and the G8 have already approved these good practices that have been finalized in the Memorandum of Algiers ," said the American diplomat and continue "we are here because we are deeply committed to reducing access to finance terrorist groups , which allows them to survive and recruit, while protecting the lives of our citizens. "
Algerian diplomats kidnapped in Mali : concern and support of Washington
"The United States strongly condemns the abduction of Algerian diplomats and my government fully supports the Algerian government in its ongoing efforts to ensure their safe return ."
It will also indicate that " AQIM gets most of its funds against ransom kidnappings and not of donors to such acts," but will he noted " the tragic truth is that the money that finances the livelihoods of Al Qaeda and its affiliates often comes from countries that are determined to defeat the terrorist organization. " he kidnapping against ransom has become a growth industry , as well as the favorite tactic of terrorists, hence the need for reverse the trend.
To do this the U.S. advocate a " coordinated approach" . He will say that his country encourages " coordination within national borders through interagency cooperation and regional and international coordination" between governments.
From his point of view "Algeria that has distinguished itself as a leader " can " use his experience to fight against terrorism, to help alleviate and end the benefits against ransom kidnappings in the region ." He continued in saying : "Given the scale of the problem" the U.S. wants to strengthen cooperation with Algeria and with all countries represented at the workshop organized by the CAERT under the auspices of the AU and the security Council the UN.
Charge d'Affaires at the Embassy of Canada , Tim Gorham, whose co -chair country Algeria with the Working Group on the Sahel under the GCTF , said for his part : "Our goal is to identify the main issues that threaten the Sahel, and mobilize resources to provide training based on lessons learned and best practices. Hence , according to him, the importance of the Memorandum of Algiers.
L’Ambassadeur Des Etats Unis : « L’Algérie s’est démarquée comme leader »

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