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giovedì 27 febbraio 2014

Inter-Vidic:there is the signature. Now Sagna?

Slimane MELAB
For any soccer player, get to play in Italy after 30 years, I think it'sn't easy for anyone. Here, athletic training is suffocating in relation to foreign, an account transfer Hernanes from Lazio to Inter is another take VIDIC from a foreign club, a player of 32 years?? With all due respect but this VIDIC has come to light now at this age?? A parameter zero or not, for me, the coaching staff has not yet figured out which player would actually Inter. Too many roosters in a hen house do not work. Inter need a real director in midfield and a great defender, not an old man of 31 years as Sagna. How Vidici there are many in Italy, it is sufficient to begin to inspect the various clubs that hide many promises of Italian football. As far as Hernanes, also must adapt to the different circumstances than those of Lazio. A warm welcome to all athletes of Italy and the world
Bacary Sagna, 31 anni. Reuters
Bacary Sagna, 31 anni. Reuters

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