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giovedì 8 maggio 2014

A minister of Jewish origins .. So????

 Already since ancient Numidia , the Jews living there , even before the arrival Arabs and roughly the 5th century before Christ . The indigenous Berber people began to practice the Jewish religion until the arrival of Christianity. The Jews were brought fully into society Berbera and were regarded as such the indigenous peoples . They had never created problems and lived peacefully in the community . Upon arrival of Christianity with the Romans , there were Berbers who converted and others who retained their ancient Jewish religion.
The conquest of the Arabs in 642 , the Berber people suffered a great defeat and flee into the mountains. Aokba Ibnou Nafaa and his soldiers inflict a horrible defeat the inhabitants of Numidia ( so called Algeria at the time) . There were many Jews converted to Islam Numidians and so have the opportunity to easily colonize the Arab country. He would have fought and put together in order to share the country peacefully. As we know that no Jew ever complicates his life, he seeks only to live in peace. and so it was up to the highest peak . From here then, Algerian Jews , they had the opportunity to aim high because of the presence of settlers who continued to oppress and to persuade the country. There were the Romans, the Carthaginians , the Ottomans and the French, who then gave the twist to the story when they colonized Algeria.
After the farce invented independence from France , the Algerian Jews befell several opportunities to establish their status. With the complicity of France that formed Ben Bella to his commands and invented a ( Mujahid ) ) partisan that he was part of the founders of the FLN one-party and who subsequently became the first Algerian president of the Jewish faith (though he never confessed publicly ), so he was the son of two Jewish Moroccan immigrants . Ben Bella was to strengthen his ( Empire ) and thus immediately called Abdelaziz Bouieflika offering him the post of Minister of the Interior that too according to many sources is a Moroccan jew .
Nowadays Algeria is a nation composed of plural different religions and I do not think this is the big problem ?
Be Jew , Christian or Muslim matters little. What Algerians and fear of losing their true identity millennial overshadowed by the virtual Arabism . In short, most of these Jews today speak the Arabic dialect and controls the country in the Arabic language so as not to arouse suspicion ? ?
If he does not then why are Arabs and not surrender to reality and to come out ? ?
We know that in Algeria there is no true Arab and that the government does not even exist in the shadow of a true Arab .
What are the actual moves of this government ? ? Why then should not validate the Hebrew language instead of Arabic ? ?
I think I understand that there are Arabs in Algeria to command as many believe . In practice, the Berbers of Algeria are the Palestinians ? ?
For the Berbers interested in validating the Berber language as a first language national and preserve the traditions and customs of the country and especially to study the great history of the Berbers , From Strudubal , Hamilcar , Hannibal, Masinissa , Jughorta , Juba , Derbal , Kossaila , Damia Tadamaits ( Kahina ) Yemma Gouraya EECC ...
I believe that for centuries have made us blind with this great lie of being colonized by the Arabs. The Jews first founded the state of the Morocco and subsequently that of Bourguiba Tunisia and Algeria in the end . For fear of creating revolutions , the Jews kept this awful secret for centuries until the present day .
In the XXI century , now slowly starting to come out of the closet with strategic moves , appointing the members in the most important places of the state.
I say welcome to the new Minister of Algeria Nouria Benghabrit - Remaoun and no matter his belief , hope that makes good things for Algeria. If you are Jewish, surely there will be millions of Algerian Jews to costantina , Jijel , Mila , Medea , Blida , in Tlemcen , in Bel Abbes , A Oran to Algiers , to Tigzirt and etc ...
We know all of these news that we were never disturbed . We Berbers of Algeria , we want back our identity and beings recognized as indigenous people of the country. The foreign well are the Chinese , Europeans , Americans , Indians , Australians , the Central and South American ...
The country must live without taboos and open to all cultures of the world.

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