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giovedì 8 maggio 2014

An Algerian Minister and Jewish ... So What? By Abdou Semmar

Her name is Nuria Benghebrit . She is the new Minister of Education in Algeria . And in the early hours of her appointment, she has been cut to pieces on the blogosphere and social networks .
Yes, heavily criticized and vilified by surfers unleashed . But these criticisms, insults or rather is not intended program or action plan of the new minister who has not even had time yet to present . No, these " verbal attacks" aimed first and foremost its so-called Jewish roots! Yes, in Algeria , the origins of a minister precedence over everything else. No matter what he intends to propose , do or change . If a certain origin, hate it , hates and seeks his departure.
Controversy, again and again . Sterile controversy instead of a constructive debate ideas and carrying a real alternative. The insult and invective instead of rational discussion , respectful and rewarding. These unfortunate habits of many of our compatriots become a real threat against common sense .
And recent attacks suffered by Nuria Benghebrit yet prove that these unfortunate habits become a disease that affects an entire section of the Algerian public opinion. Public opinion that continually feeds conspiracy theories and racist phraseology. Some gossips have gone as far as saying that the Algerian government agency , APS, has knowingly not transcribe the full name of this minister know Nuria Benghabrit - Remaoun , not to offend Algerians ! So do not take offense because Remaoun would clearly Jewish name . Faced with these tales and these new abuses , first observation: there is absolutely no evidence that our Minister of Education is of Jewish origin.
And even if it did, where would be the problem ? Jews in Algeria are they second class citizens ? Y - he has a law that requires check each designated Muslim minister? What is required to be a minister ? To manage its sector reform his department and get performance that help the country's development or to recite the Qur'an and to scrupulously prayer?
In fact , once this sterile polemic indicates profound ignorance of today Algerians their millenary history . Algerian Jews have for centuries constituted an important part of our collective memory. Algerian Jews do not exist solely for Enrico Macias and French colonization. No, Algerian Jews have known this land that we cherish our other Algerian daily since antiquity. Ancestral Numidia to Algeria November 1st , many Jewish citizens have played a major role in our national history. But this is only on the benches of our school that our children learn this truth.
Another Inconvenient Truth also : the stupidity of the public debate in Algeria reflects the lack of political education in our society. Public opinion which focuses on probable Jewish ancestry instead to seek concrete actions and measures to even out our school from hibernation is a public swimming into unconsciousness. Whether Jewish or not , Nuria Benghebrit has as much right as any other citizen Algerian respect. And as a minister , it is subject to the same duty to demand that his other colleagues in government . The day we understand this, Algeria can boast of knowing a political awakening . In wait, as Maimonides said , this contemporary Jewish theologian and philosopher and admirer of the Muslim Averroes, " the Light of the Wise and We Brille Guide". In this light, Algeria is more than ever.

Nouria Benghabrit-Remaoun

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