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sabato 10 maggio 2014

Events of May 8, 1945 at Kherrata: The ffs calling for recognition of the status of martyr to victims of massacres

According Algeria ,
A large crowd of supporters and activists FFS executives took part yesterday in the morning to commemorate the 69th anniversary of the events of 8 -May- 1945 Kherrata in the presence of the first national secretary, Ahmed and Ali Betatache Laskri member instance Presidium of older Algerian opposition party.
After reflection at the " Hanouz " bridge and the Martyrs Square where a wreath was filed before observing a minute of silence in memory of all the victims of massacres 8- May- 1945 FFS officials hosted a public meeting .
Speaker turns during the meeting , the first national secretary of the FFS , Ahmed Ali Laskri Betatache and called for "the recognition of the status of martyr to victims of massacres 8- May- 1945" while demanding the same time the France to "recognize its crimes." The last presidential election and the proposal made by the party Sellal integrate its new executive with two ministerial posts were also discussed at the meeting by politicians FFS . Highlighting the famous slogan "no participation or boycott " party presidential Ali Laskri said his party rejected the proposal to "enter " the government because he was born, " the priority of the FFS is reconstruction of national consensus and the organization of a national consensus conference . "
"The FFS has no plans to integrate a government before the completion of this project, which aims to develop the political opposition , society and the power of a consensual program crisis " a- he said in substance in his speech.
Événements du 8 mai 1945 à kherrata : Le ffs réclame la reconnaissance du statut de martyr aux victimes des massacres

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