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sabato 10 maggio 2014

Football. Inter Thohir "Mazzarri remains: let's give him a chance"

Slimane Melab
Slimane MELAB
I've never been pessimistic, in fact I have always wanted to support anyone who is able to prove himself to be the first to live up to its responsibilities. Mazzarri , I have argued from the beginning of his adventure at Inter and as things were always going backwards , I tried to convince me of his innocence of serious man and honest in his work. Until now Mazzarri has imposed a game too individualistic and collective many times did you save from the play of the defenders. There is much less compact organization in the field. Inter today is a team with no ideas and then always counted on the various Milito , Cambiasso , Palacio , Guarin .... The rest of the team always left on the bench to warm up the chairs. In my opinion, I do not think Mazzarri will change something within the team. You must be very charismatic and authoritarian . The boys know him too well. I would say to change all the managerial staff of the Inter c he is not really up to compete with other teams in Serie A. Wishing that our president Thohir can take good decision about the future of our Inter , I cordially greet all sport in Italy and the world

Walter Mazzarri, Inter's coatch.

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