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mercoledì 7 maggio 2014

Inter chants against Balotelli Napoli closed the Curva Nord

Slimane Melab
Slimane MELAB
Do you remember Faustino Asprilla ? The big Colombian striker of Parma in the 90's who was talking about if and somersaults through the goal that was in the field. But Oba Oba Martins , the former Inter Milan. If Balotelli plays like Asprilla , Italy would definitely had more respect for him. The reaction of the fans is natural , I think that everything is connected to the field. If a player shows his value in the field is immediately acclaimed by the public , but when he's wrong , for the first few games , people are more forgiving but then gets booed . It ' a sport and it's all normal . The tickets are expensive , the fans go to the stadium to get distracted and rejoice in the victories of their teams . As for the cries of choirs ( ( racist ) ) against Napoli? ? To me it's just anger that has sprouted an outpouring of regret. The regional rivalries , territorial or national exist all over the world. It ' a warm breeze passing through, he'll soon. I cordially greet all athletes of Italy and the world.
La curva Nord nerazzurra. Ansa
La curva Nord nerazzurra. Ansa

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