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martedì 6 maggio 2014

It granted him a check for $ 250 million: The Algeria to the rescue of Tunisia

"Measures to facilitate access Algerian Tunisian territory , especially during the upcoming summer season will be " announced Lamamra .
Algiers show solidarity with Tunis. To help her , she was granted a loan of $ 250 million of which with 50 million non-refundable dollars. The amount has not been communicated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramtane Lamamra who refused to give details. The Governor of the Tunisian Central Bank, M.Chadli Ayari, who made ​​the announcement on the sidelines of the signing of three financing agreements between the two countries yesterday at the Government Palace .

The first relates to a deposit agreement between the Bank of Algeria and the Tunisian Central Bank, amounting to 100 million U.S. dollars, which was signed by the Governor of the Bank of Algeria , Mohamed Laksaci , and Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia , Chedli Ayari .

The second is a protocol granting the loan Algeria to Tunisia and another protocol for granting non-repayable financial aid, signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ramtane Lamamra and the head of the Tunisian diplomacy , Mongi Hamdi . "These agreements reflect the full support of Algeria to Tunisia in its transition process and this crucial stage in its history ," said M.Hamdi during a press conference held jointly with his counterpart M.Lamamra .
The two leaders emphasized the need to raise cooperation to higher levels. M.Lamamra showed his satisfaction with the level and quality of cooperation while recognizing the need to increase opportunities for partnership. According to him, the visit of Prime Minister of Tunisia in Algeria led to further discussions on new opportunities to exploit. Making a summary of talks between Sellal and its host , the head of Algerian diplomacy was that the meeting focused on " various aspects of cooperation between the two brotherly countries ." The two heads of government discussed several regional and international as well as the security and stability of the two countries and the entire region " political issues.
The two officials have even reported on the positive developments in the two countries , especially the presidential election of April 17 and the process of democratic transition in Tunisia. While recalling the holding of the joint commission in February in Tunis M.Lamamra said she " allowed the development of several workshops for the implementation of what has been reached, in particular the development of border areas and strengthening the economy and development in the two countries in the spirit of complementarity Maghreb . "
Lamamra for "every step taken together is a further milestone on the path of building the Great Arab Maghreb remains a strategic choice for the two countries ." In terms of security cooperation , the head of Algerian diplomacy reassured that the two countries coordinate daily to strengthen the defense system at the borders .
M.Lamamra also stressed "the rapprochement between peoples and Algerian Tunisian brothers " as manifested , he has said, by the growing number of Algerian tourists visiting Tunisia. "Measures to facilitate access Algerian Tunisian territory , especially during the upcoming summer season will be " announced M.Lamamra .
Elle lui a octroyé un chèque de 250 millions de dollars : L’algérie à la rescousse de la tunisie

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