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mercoledì 7 maggio 2014

News & social by S. Melab: 1009000 Algerian voters living abroad called to

Slimane Melab We never stopped throwing smoke to the eyes of poor citizens , always rolled and harassed by the promises of wolves. These keep the gentlemen still believe this mafieu power multiplies and expands day by day ment venom in all directions of the country to ensure the development of its fascist and dictatorial resources. A vote, apparently virtual in order to demonstrate they invent their honesty foreign observers such as the UN , the European Community and all global associations attending this great trivia organized by the false power thieves. People are forced to always vote the same people chosen by themselves . We 're sick of this scene , this farce , this state curse that continues to persecute the people of Algeria by all systems and by all means sarcastic and poor.
Who will they vote Algerian ? ? There there's a god, his prophet Mohamed and his deputy prophet Bouteflika !
1 009 000 Électeurs algériens installés à l’étranger appelés aux urnes: Engouement et fierté d’accomplir un devoir en ce premier jour de scrut

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