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venerdì 9 maggio 2014

The import of Algerian gas to Spain reached a record

The site for information on business Spanish "Abierto Diary" has just published an article in which it is explained that the import of Algerian gas by Spain peaked. According to the electronic journal, Spain also saw a real dependence on hydrocarbons because Algerians during the month of March, 57% of the Spanish gas came from Algeria.
This percentage has increased by three points from the new second "Diarioabierto" between January and March, Spain imported 55% of its gas from Algeria. The Spanish economic information website also explains that Algeria has benefited from the increase in the total gas demand in Spain, before stating that Algeria's position is "more and more to the above-recommendations for the Spanish energy policy."
L’importation de gaz algérien par l’Espagne  atteint un record

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