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mercoledì 7 maggio 2014

Vahid Halilhodzic: "The victory against Belgium will be the key to the 2nd round qualification"

According Algérie,
A few days before the start of preparations for the Greens in anticipation of the 2014 World Cup , national team coach Vahid Halihodzic the tone by stating that the key to his team's qualification for the second round will be the first match against the Belgium , the head of the group H which also includes Russia and South Korea.
"Winning against Belgium will be the key qualification. I know it will not be easy at all to face the Red Devils that everyone gives favorite to play the leading roles in this competition, but I am still confident. I know my players are eager to create a big surprise , "said the technician review Bosnian Soccer world .
He also recognized the challenges it faces to prepare for the appointment Brazilian born and the presence of the majority of its players in foreign clubs , which complicates the task to collect them and thereby well take time to fully prepare .
That is why , he has explained , he decided to start the course before the World Cup by a limited number of players , that is to say those who finished the season with their respective clubs , particularly those operating in the English championship first and second divisions. This does not preclude , however, a commitment to do his best to bring the Algerian team to achieve its objective: to qualify for the second round. "Until then , no Algerian team has achieved this , but I trust my players .
Admittedly, they are young and inexperienced , but their desire to something extraordinary in this World is an additional incentive for them, " still considered the Bosnian technician.
Vahid Halilhodzic : «La victoire face à la Belgique sera la clé de la qualification au 2e tour»
Vahid Halilhodzic

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