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martedì 23 luglio 2013

Belfodil and Guarin, not just goals. Inter grows and beat Vicenza 3-1, Moratti applauds

The prejudices serve little criticism there and there always will be, but it is also right to respond with a collective motivation that certainly stimulate our readers. Free participation does not affect much on our comrades. Let me repeat that Belfodil and Icard are very young and need to enter a sacred saint. we are only in the early summer soccer matches and something positive begins to show us a glimmer of hope. We have a great coach that will definitely give input to the players and use them appropriately. I still would not bet on this young Inter.
Ishak Belfodil, primo gol in maglia nerazzurra. LaPresse
Ishak Belfodil, primo gol in maglia nerazzurra. LaPresse

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