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sabato 13 luglio 2013

It offends the Koran in the holy month of Ramadhan The challenge continues to "Charlie Hebdo"

But even from us by these part do not mess? I think it's a bit the same everywhere? every nation believes that her religion is the right one, the clearest and the most credible. The susceptibility of the people (Muslims) is really worrying? However, this leads to a dead end with no return; hatred and discrimination total. Those who speak of cohabitation must firstly agree to the cultural, historical and social aspects of theirs neighbors. Cohabitation does not mean that I am I and you are me? or vice versa? If a Christian criticizing the Muslim religion, it is not said that all Christians think like him? How many Muslims who criticize the other side and swearing falsehood of the gospel and that Jesus is only a prophet?
Each one is free to believe what he want to say and so much more. The creator did not put on earth a team of policemen to punish all those who speak against in his name? Be patient and learn to understand the meaning of tolerance and freedom that nature has given us free.
I?? I would not give importance to advertising media with the purpose of gain! Has nothing to do with what is written in that article? Indeed, to make you forget the real problems on the track you want to confuse spiritual to warm your souls free and while they are enjoying the good life behind you.
Il offense le Coran en plein mois sacré du Ramadhan La provocation continue à «Charlie Hebdo»

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