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lunedì 15 luglio 2013

Under 20 World Cup, Pogba sample. But between France and Uruguay are the penalties: 4-1

Slimane MELAB
Indeed, the multiracial France had the upper hand and managed to win the gold medal in the Under-20 World Cup competition against Uruguay's respectable even if the field, I believe that France has imposed his game to the end. The Uruguay had limited counter attack; sticking with launches very fast on the sides but without success. France goalkeeper was on the one hand the architect of the victory transalpine parrying even two penalties. This victory is a great delicacy and report it to the national team coach Didier Deschamps, that France today is another and that must necessarily accept the reality of the facts. The races mixes worked in 1998 (he was a captain), France won the World Foot ball cup and especially yesterday. Perhaps in his breakdown would think before announcing the next list of players to the press? I always put in Benzema, Nasri, Menez, and Ben Arfa without thinking twice. America is a first world because it is composed of several races.

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