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martedì 30 luglio 2013

Inter, Nainggolan? No, hunting Taider. Serving 8 million, summit in days

the club's has focused very well on Taider which is basically a young man of 21 years and knows the league. A lefty of all do. I had already suggested in my previous comments and mentioning also Mesbah playing at left-back. Anyway I'd love to point out that there are still many players in the league most beautiful in the world, which is the Serie A. The higher the rating less makes the player. In Italy there is a big problem in the youth, look at the case in the world competitions youth, such as Italy this year did not participate in group finals? For each question there is an answer, and I think that this is not the abandonment and interest to the youth sectors from where you can train future champions. We return to Inter, I sincerely believe that it is really very convincing. He who sows good collect good fruits.

Saphir Taider, 21 anni, centrocampista del Bologna. Ansa
Saphir Taider, 21 anni, centrocampista del Bologna. Ansa

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