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mercoledì 31 luglio 2013

Italy is racist?? Please read!

It 'really hard to judge or make risky choices when it comes to a very mild case such as that of Italian immigration minister, Cecile Kyenge. I believe that in any case there will always be some mistakes that is on one side or the other. Giving someone a racist who lives in his house is a little over the top? Before pronouncing a word should experience his action elsewhere, try to go to the Congo to work, try to live a few years and then just ask citizenship, and if you will be granted, revenue to be part of a party and then try to enter the government?? South Africa is excluded, there is not a white man that is an integral part of an African government? African countries, you are locked up on themselves and no longer want to do with white people. They teach their children to small never to trust the white man. The whites over there are considered to be the plague or cholera. The blacks have never loved the whites, much less will do it right now. We look reality in the face, blacks living in europe, pain just to accept the management of the white man, they feel more submissive and menaced, are expressed through the hatred and anger when they are reprimanded and having no choice look for always to hide their intentions that do not thrive peace. They try to soften and fall completely in need and react to prosperity. As for the minister Cecile Kyenge, I think she should necessarily protect her ideals for which she was nominated and is aware of the problems that would come across? Being the first black woman to enter the Italian government, had to expect it such a reaction? And it's normal! It is not in the Congo? and regardless of the color, it ended badly for the Josefa Idem that was for another whiter than all the ministers Italian. As far as blasphemous Calderoni and companions are a bit too much as well as too many adjectives are xenophobic and racist attributed to the Italians? You mean in the Congo will jump for joy if a white man goes to the government? Do not make me laugh! I believe that Italy is defended only in its small space and wanting to preserve its roots and its honorable and great long history of civilization and not so much that we forget that the first country to bring a black man SAMMY BARBOT, as TV host in 77 with STEFANIA ROLL with programs such as giovannili SMALL SLAM. France, which has had a multitude of colonies and even England, the latter became the lasts to enter the blacks in theirs programs. Just always run to racism quiet and let this country as we found it 30 years ago when it was booming and its people welcomed us with smiles and love. The Africans have never agreed to change their archaic traditions and ancestral centuries while living in Europe, but want to change Italy, an immense country of a great resume? Also I am a foreigner who does not claim anything from the Italians and that every one defends his country as can! Thanks for all that Italy accepted us all. 

Sammy Barbot & Stefania Rotolo in 70- 80. Sammy Barbot in years 80.

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