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lunedì 15 luglio 2013

The story of Queen Kahina, Damia Tadamaits!

the story of Queen kahina Berber North Africa

Epic adventure, that the Berber queen who opposes the seventh century, the Arab invasion of North Africa! Kahina, which means priestess, whose real name is Dihya or Damya in Tifinagh is a Berber Warrior Queen Aures who opposed the expansion of Islam in North Africa in the seventh century, and gave her life to try to save the independence of her country.
Kahina, the Berber warrior queen who resisted the invasion of the Arab-Muslim
Fifteen years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, the armies of Arab-Muslim
Conquerors came on the outskirts of North Africa. This country, once transformed
by the Roman civilization, partly conquered the Christian faith, we move to the growing empire of the Muslim world.
It was then, that to cope with the invaders, the woman held the Berber resistance, make the hard drives in North Africa named below "Maghreb", which means in Arabic: West. and the Arab horsemen inflict stinging defeats. The latter, known to history as the Kahina, had a sacred character. In Arabic meant the witch, priestess, the sorceress. His real name is Dehya or Dhya or even Damia Tadamaits, which means in Berber "Beautiful gazelle." She actually had a prophetic gift and was revered for her people. But her own success to her utter ruin. Proud, uncompromising, proud of its victories, the Kahina lived only for her tribe. But this admirable woman, so long heard and obeyed, can not maintain the unity and overcome the Berber tribal rivalries eternal. E 'therefore provide for their own destiny and overcome the betrayal, will perform a big jump of honor in which her best companions fall, before she left them there her life.
The Islamization of North Africa was.
It is based on the work of the most eminent historians of an orator Algerian told with emotion, passion and love for the land, the remarkable story of the "Jeanne D'Arc Berber" who played with such greatness of independence and the Madness' pride of a passionate people.
Among the ancient Roman Thevest now called Tebessa and agglomeration of Bir El Ater, is a well called "Bir El Kahina" (the well of Kahina) as a reference to the memory of the place where she was killed. At Baghai currently small village about 20 km from Khenchela, some ancient ruins of the inhabitants designate it as the ruins of the "palace of Kahina."
The name of the river where Meskian Kahina won her first victory against General Ibn Numan, as well as the village of Meskiana spraying, words are of Berber language which means MeS .. Kiana "son of Kahina." Some Chaoui Berbers of the Aures say they have the "nose of the Kahina" slightly arched.

The Queen Damia Tadamaits" Kahina".

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