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martedì 16 luglio 2013

Zlabia in Boufarik, cherbet in Blida, meat Djelfa ... Geography of food

Regionalism encourages separatism, hatred, rivalry, bigotry that lead to violence. And 'quite normal that a citizen gets angry easily notched and being abandoned by the rest of society in which he lives? Algeria is a very big country that should not be limited solely to the interests of Algiers and its surroundings. By cons to food, it is not new at all, I remember in the 80's has often lacked a few things in the area of ​​eastern Algeria (Kabylia). Finally, to govern Algeria will first establish a true democracy that is the fundamental basis of all the world's constitutions! Unfortunately, we find that this term is again several times only verbally and without having ever tested or nearly so in order to establish its consequences? In Algeria, we have always heard of democracy, but in reality we do not know the substance. Young Algerians are always ready and at the first opportunity fleeing from a country that has impoverished them physically, economically and morally. Hear and read only lies on the country (the most beautiful in the world?) Trade relations with the Americans, with the French, the Italians, the Spaniards? Yes, but the show, the Comedies, the free publicity? etc ... But where is gone the infrastructure, investment in construction, public works, shopping malls, supermarkets? In Algeria, there is the noise of the policy that fails to fulfill its responsibilities, the members of the state which hardly admit of being criticized, continue to enrich themselves at the expense of the people who support them with fear or idolatry presidential, in 13 years and a half has not built and has not developed any sector or in heavy industry and even less in that light. For 30 years, yet we were still in the assembly of parts of vehicles. Almost one lives still dependent on Europe, America and the world. We live so close to Europe that we had to wait for the arrival of the latest Chinese modernizers to come to the rescue at a time here in the country and full of money I do not know how and where to invest? In Algeria, we talk too much and being nothing, the few features of the country are: pride, nationalism, regionalism and racism that unfortunately existed since the mists of ancient times. We are still far behind the oil-producing countries. The Algerian people hear of oil as a legend that is told to them in bars or on the streets. If this keeps up, soon there will not even something to feed ourselves? Where will the future of Algeria?

Algiers . The capital of Algeria .

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