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lunedì 22 luglio 2013

Technical ministries, and if we did use our brains abroad?

To become president of Algeria, I do not think that it is necessary to have only the nationality Algerian but especially the heart of an Algerian, who loves his country, and he defends it from all that is strange, since all suspected enemies of the country. The Algerian president must be of Algerian parents, in less than a member, or the mother or the father. It does not matter if the candidate has two citizenships, or married to a foreigner woman, or a living abroad for a long time. It does not matter if the candidate is single, muslim, jew, christian, buddhist, agnostic, atheist .... I, I wish to address the question to the future Algerian President to revise Article 73 and to modify it in a correct way . The current president was born in Morocco (Oujda) also the greater part of the members of this government. The family Bouteflika does not exist in Algeria  they comes entirely from Oujda. Yet we have imposed this president with the strength of the military. Ben Bella was of Moroccan parents, was born in Algeria in Maghnia?? but! Is it true?
Personally, we should not limit ourselves to the details without any importance, and indeed open to the boffins who live abroad and that may change and give strong hand in the development of the country. Mr. Sarkozy is the son of two immigrants, however, he was president of France. I tell you that we have to throw everything this government. Our dear and beloved President Boudiaf wanted to change so many things within the state and that was why he was killed. The only foreigners in the government are the ones who rule now.
 Here is a superstar and a great figure who can give a big change in the country. This is not an advertisement, but a reality because nowadays there's a lot of young people there very well quaiifiés and living abroad.
I present to you Dr. Farid Meziane.

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