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mercoledì 24 luglio 2013

"Tim Trophy: Sassuolo surprise. Guests lined Milan and Juventus. The Devil beats the champions"

If I should meet with the public would say hypocritically sharing Milan's coach on his point of view between the best Balotelli-Tevez! I believe that every one takes what he has in hand and not have to look that of others, and same thing for the Naples I chose Higuain! That does not mean anything and that it is said to win the championship with only one player? I'm sure others will come on players which nobody would have bet. The league has yet to begin, and that the majority of the teams is on the high seas. Wait for the next moves of other teams in Serie A. The fight for the title will be contested as usual between the same teams. This league has a novelty anymore, I noticed that the companies of the strongest teams in Italy have taken the plunge on youth promised. I think it's a good sign and a great hope for all those who want
 to explode.

Gonzalo Higuain, 25 anni
Gonzalo Higuain, 25 anni.

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