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giovedì 11 luglio 2013

Hajj:the pilgrimage, the cost for the year 2013 along with 256 000 DA (€ 2560.00)

Always pay to visit the house of God? This is absurd? A rich countries like Saudi Arabia, which uses not only this spiritual source media always through multiple advertising mediums and also invests in progressively in the country's infrastructure. I wonder why Saudi Arabia does not build free housing that could accommodate all the pilgrims who take part each year in the hope of purification to enter heaven?
Practically this pilgrimage has become a tourism business that has a return very beneficial for the country. How many poor people who do not have the means to get there? I remember it was only for the rich and wealthy people who made ​​pilgrimages "haj". I baptize it: "The pilgrimage of the rich." Is it real? May the Almighty God has given us the opportunity of the rich in life and also facilitating access to "paradise" through a pilgrimage of money? (Luxury holidays).
Where is the brotherhood and legends narrated the famous and legendary habits of the Arabs full of generosity and hospitality?
The house of God is not in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere, but in our hearts.
Hadj : le coût pour l’année 2013 fixé à 256.000 DA

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