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venerdì 26 luglio 2013

It was approved by the government, a nomenclature adopted Amazigh names 300

I think it's quite normal to go home, even if ultimately the Berbers want to be baptized with the names "Amazigh", I see no problem? A crucial issue is already requested by a very long time, but, this ban will last for a lifetime? There is no empire that lasted longer than that of the Ottomans (6th century), and yet had its end like all the others, but the Arab and foreign in North Africa is the longest, 13 and a half centuries.
Imagine that in our country we are not allowed to enroll our children with Amazigh names? This is very ridiculous! But is this Islam? How Matoub said: "They make me call my son in the name of Aokba that killed the Queen (Kahina) Damia Tadamaits, we are baptized with the name Aokba Schools, institutes, and many others" means that we must necessarily use the names of thieves among us, such as the names of our colonizers. Are Muslims who command us with dictatorial and oppressive, imperialist ways. They still think that they sleep with the Berbers of deep sleep and quiet? They too have we despised and humiliated and menaciati through the Koran. In this book it is written that the Arabs must colonize, remove the land of other people, root, forcing them to study and be converted by force. This is not written to formalize the Arabic language before the 'Amazigh. It is written that the Berber must ask for permission or more living in his country. In the Qur'an, it is not written at all that the preferred language of God is Arabic? Yes, the Quran came in Arabic, just because 'the prophet did not speak other languages, was illiterate. If the prophet spoke Amazigh, the Qur'an would come in Amazigh. What do we say? God has chosen? No, God had chosen only Mohamed and not all Arabs. Stop bluffing guys? One day Joshua said to Moses: "One day there will come a savior of our people? And after that the Israelis have been saved from the clutches of the Pharaoh '. And who will say that God does not hear your prayers, moans, cries and tears of Berbers, suffering, injustice and domination of innocent people who have never invaded another country?? God is also the creator of the Berbers and all the races of the earth. God's justice is justice but that of 'man is injustice.
Elle a été endossée par le gouvernement ,Une nomenclature de 300 prénoms amazighs adoptée

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