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giovedì 18 luglio 2013

NBA SAGHRU, Berber Morocco, a legend of the music!

Nba (real original name M'Barek Oularbi) was born in Mellab, in a small village in southeastern Morocco, in a modest family. NBA, is the representative of the group Saghru, he discovered his passion for art at a young age.
Influenced by artists such as Mohamed Mallal, Idir, Bob Dylan and others, he began composing his first songs at an early age. He sang with friends, at school, in the Berber cultural associations and, finally, to the University. A few years later, the young artist has a degree in public law and French literature and founded the group Saghru who was, until his death, the chief representative. A charming modern band that has over time created with a particular style "Mallal" modern named Amon.
Suffering from a serious illness that made him feel ill immediately after a few months Nba who died Jan. 9, 2011.
According to a report of certain information in 2011, and after a well-documented sketch of my friend ayour Bouchikar, a Berber of Morocco, the lead singer of the band "Saghru Band" (Berbers of Morocco) is Amazigh activist and humanitarian causes would have died 09 / 06/2011 following a suspected poisoning in the Swiss tour, since it was confirmed that he was carrying a lonely orphan disease by itself? in fact for us it is a great loss and hope in a world where Amazigh is less corrupt or depressed and abandoned, sometimes in spite of themselves, they deny their identity. The orphan Arabic-Islamofondamentalista, we transform ourselves, despite the Arab disease continues to plague us every day.
Many celebrities and faithful moved to accompany the NBA with deep sorrow in his final resting place. Many have cried to emerge from their deep wounds on their hearts vulnerable engraved in gold letters "NBA SAGHRU" until eternity.
Destiny is curious, it unites the two spells Matoub and the young NBA Saghru tallied for the same reasons that led the Algerian State in 1998 murder of Matoub, an activist of the 'Amazigh, the Berber culture and traditions. The two lions of the Berber culture will remain forever in the hearts of all the Berbers of the world and their ideology will continue to grow and spread throughout the world. They represent the glow of victory, self-determination, tolerance, love towards the Berber country and its culture, the flag of the Amazigh and also the beginning of a great ancient history buried by the colonizers eternal and dictatorial.
Khalid is the younger brother of the NBA, was born in 1986 in Mellab in south-eastern Morocco, a lover of music and the guitar of his youth. The young composer, poet and singer is one of the most important members of Saghru Band. Meanwhile, he studied in the literature. His songs speak of nostalgia, its language and culture.
Fouad Elmahjoub
Fouad Elmahjoub Fowe also known, was born in 1978 in Tizi n Imnayen (Goulmina), an artist of quality and one of the best guitarists of Morocco. He studied music in which devotes most of its energy, is considered one of the best Berber musicians and is one of the most important members of Saghru Band.
Omar Zanifi
Zanifi Tinmiwl Omar was born in a small village in the Dades Valley, in south-eastern Morocco, June 18, 1976. Zanifi is a journalist, poet and activist Amazigh. Zanifi writes on many newspapers and coatings, Moroccans and foreigners here remind Amadal Amazigh Amazigh Amazigh Agraw Taziri voice. Among the poems he wrote remember idammen gigh "bleed" No Azmul izemlan "wound healing," Atu new "my situation" Amulli No Nba "around the NBA."
And 'the band's manager since 2006.
Poems / songs.
Adur Allagh (I do not have to cry)
Azul Azul (Hello, hello)
Aldjig (flower)
Tarwa n tmazirt (sons of my country)
Anassaf (The Host)
TARIR (View)
Tabrat 's (Message for Obama) Ubama
Igllin Muha (Bad Muha)
Slimane Ouali (dedicated to the Amazigh activist Wali song)
Amghnas (activist)
Tagrest taberkant (winter white)
Songs on the NBA:
Amnay, Anazur (artist).
Mohamed Mallal Iddad Iddu (coming and going).
Utmazirt, Urk NTTU (we have not forgotten).
Khaled El Bdraoui, NBA.
Omar Ait Said, atbir n Tilelli (dove of freedom).
Muha 2007;
Tilelli (Freedom), 2008;
Awesi tala (Help me cry) 2009;

Nba Saghru, the young M'Barek Oularbi, died in 2011. Lounes Matoub, who was assassinated in 1998.

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