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domenica 28 luglio 2013

Protect the Right to Free Speech - Stop Ag Gag!

Of course I'm human and that courageously defend all the rights that are human or animal, but it is also true that I can not change the whole world at my convenience? And it is right that any acts against animals should be punished and punished according to the law of the state where the act is committed. We all sensitive human like me, so sorry when we see an animal is sacrificed for our food, but in truth the majority of us not at all, rather it is with a great and immense joy to eat with the meat. According to some research in philosophy man, animal and plant form an inseparable trio, and each one needs the other. The lion which breaks down the zebra, elephant eating tons of grass and in the end comes the omnivorous, ie: man. This last, it needs to meat and vegetable, man has always been very particular in comparison to its living of different species. So, I believe that this world was created and is thus more and more, closer in different areas. Every time someone invents an initiative, feeling a strong urge with great pressure to change this world that is now already started thousands of years.

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