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venerdì 26 luglio 2013

Ghlamallah In Tizi Ouzou, Preserving the Maliki rite to immunize the unity of the nation

No tolerance! We buried a ritual to follow another but the same size, the same species and the same kind? Mr Bouabdellah Ghlamallah must understand or at least be aware of the diversity that resides on our soil? If everyone has the same right as other, I'm not at all agree with his unique and solitary focus on the Sunni rite?? Everyone is free to follow and to worship it seems fair and practical, it is the only way to avoid trivial and futile conflis between tribes, between the villagers, between people of the same family. The strength will last for long. Each generation is different from each other. In Algeria, as in other countries developments are in the process of undergoing changes in many industrial branches. Italy, a country of great conservative Catholicism has finally understood the freedom of others. The god is unique and that all roads are good to get to worship and to pray. Long live diversity, love and freedom, and that's enough single parties, the same doctrine, the same food, the same pants, the same religion, the same grave??
M. Ghlamallah A Tizi Ouzou, Préserver le rite malékite pour immuniser l’unité de la nation

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