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martedì 6 agosto 2013

Ghilas gives a lesson to non-fasters!!

Football is not compared to the work of factory or bureaucrat, but Ghilas was quite the opposite of Islam, because if he had died of a heart attack and lying on the ground, what would you say? That God loves him and he took him away? Duty is duty and the jokes are especially after; Ghilas performs a function that requires a lot of physical strength and mainly focused on the need for food and beverage are at the basis of human life. I know that for the majority of believers, Ghilas has made a very big thing? For me, it is not and should not fast. In the past there were many Muslim players who have lost their jobs in the club because of the fast. There is too much "HARAM" sin, in human brains. In the Qur'an is far and everyone interprets it in his own way. Also, not sure if Ghilas had actually fasted or not? For my part, I see no example because religion is personal and that everyone is free to his fate.
Le FC Porto remporte la Valais Cup 2013 : Déjà un premier titre pour Ghilas !
Nabil Ghilas.

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